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Welcome to Vitality Lens, your go-to source for professional podcast production. We’re the team behind the hit podcast ‘Vitality Vault,’ featuring insightful interviews with women entrepreneurs who have carved their own paths to success. At Vitality Lens, we’re dedicated to turning your stories and expertise into engaging podcasts that resonate across any industry and target audience

Empowering Aesthetics and Entrepreneurship with Summer Harness and Shannon Hayes

Kick off your entrepreneurial journey with the inaugural episode of the Vitality Vault! Join us as we sit down with Summer Harness, the visionary behind Amelie Aesthetics. Summer isn’t just the owner of a thriving aesthetics practice; she’s also an esteemed injector and trainer with Allergan Aesthetics, specializing in Botox and fillers.

Meet TheRealSkinnShady: From Emancipation to Entrepreneur, Escaping Juvie, Tarantula Migration, Clown Motels, Chasing Gold and Medical Aesthetics

In this engaging episode, we sit down with Amanda McLaughlin, the spirited entrepreneur behind Viva Aesthetics in Ridgefield, Washington. From her early days of navigating life as a young mother to her bold leap into the world of medspas, Amanda shares her journey of resilience and entrepreneurship. Discover how Amanda’s passion for skincare and her knack for business led to the creation of Ridgefield’s first medspa.

Mooing, Marketing, and Murder: Rhonda of Hallstrom Homes—Laughs, Cries, and Community

Discover how Rhonda transitioned from a digital marketing maven to a celebrated local business owner in Ridgefield, Washington. This episode is a rollercoaster of emotions and insights, featuring discussions on the challenges and triumphs of managing a retail store, Rhonda’s personal growth, and her profound impact on the community. Tune in to hear Rhonda and Shannon share laughs, tears, and some unexpected stories that will captivate and inspire.

Empower & Elevate: Kayt Crow on Winning with PNW Aesthetics and Wonderlove PDX

Meet Kate Crow, a dynamic entrepreneur who’s making waves across industries—from the aesthetic world to pioneering a new food cart venture in downtown Portland. In this episode of Vitality Vault, discover how Kate juggles her diverse roles and learn about her latest challenges and triumphs.


Vitality Lens offers a comprehensive range of podcast production services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our expertise ensures your podcast stands out with high-quality production, engaging content, and effective promotion.

Concept Development

Collaborate with our team to refine your podcast idea.

Develop engaging formats and episode structures.

Recording and Editing

Access to our modern recording studio.

Professional editing for crisp, clear audio.

Incorporation of music, sound effects, and intros/outros.

Production and Post-Production

Comprehensive production management.

Post-production enhancements to ensure top-notch quality.

Distribution and Promotion

Assistance with podcast hosting and distribution across major platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.).

Strategic promotion plans to grow your audience.

Social media content and marketing support.

Special Projects

Custom projects, such as storytelling and history-themed podcasts, tailored to specific communities or interests.

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