Hey friends,

It feels like ages since we last caught up, right?


These past years have been a wild ride, with me throwing everything into work. It’s been rewarding but, honestly, I ended up feeling as worn out as a candle burning through the night. Always working for others, hitting deadline after deadline, and trying to live up to expectations – that was my life.

But you know how it goes; running on empty only gets you so far.

I hit a point where something had to give.

So, I took the plunge into something I’ve always dreamed of but never really saw myself doing.

I’ve started a new chapter where I’m in control, setting my own pace, and picking projects that truly ignite my spirit.

I’m thrilled to introduce my latest venture: I’ve jumped into the digital world, offering services that help you stand out online. Think social media management, podcasting, personal coaching, and masterclasses every month.

I’m pouring all I’ve learned – often the hard way – into helping you make your mark in the digital space.

But this is more than just offering services.

It’s about crafting a space where our creativity isn’t boxed in by others’ visions, where we can work together, grow, and inspire each other. It’s about steering my own course through new waters, driven by passion and a quest to do things my way.


This launch isn’t just about starting a business; it’s a personal rebirth. It’s my journey from exhaustion to exhilaration, on my terms. And I’m so pumped to bring you along for the ride.

Here’s to fresh starts, to the thrill of entrepreneurship, and to a shared future of thriving online. Together, let’s create something incredible.



Here’s to the venture that lies ahead,

Maddie Riley



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